Fiddlewood Village | 40A Marloth Street | Plaston Park Integrated | Titian Wood Estate

Development Portfolio

The Gap Development Portfolio currently consist of commercial, integrated residential and residential property development undertakings. GAP Development Planners uses its competitive advantage in the market to identify and improve suitable land parcels, i.e. land manufacturing.

Fiddlewood Village and Residential Development

Fiddlewood Village is a 40-hectare retirement retreat and residential development in the Lowveld town of White River. The development is situated on sought after “The Oaks” road, adjacent to the White River Bird Sanctuary and old equestrian club.

The proposed development consist of approximately 250 dwellings, protecting the character of the environment by not exceeding a residential density of 10units per hectare. The development has recently been planted with 300 indigenous trees, promoting the natural fauna and flora, coupled with the moderate temperature and old country character the town portrays, the development seems a sure success.

Plaston Park Integrated Housing Development

Plaston Park is a 120hectare integrated human settlement project situated in Plaston, Mpumalanga. Plaston is strategically located between Kanyamazane, Nelspruit and White River with good local and regional access to existing infrastructure and social amenities.

The integrated human settlement project consists of approximately 1000 residential dwellings (varying in nature), commercial/retail component and institutional facilities, all developed around a carefully planned and functioning green belt zone. The project is well poised to create a successful living environment to the broader community, close to work opportunities and public transport facilities.

40A Marloth Street Commercial Development

The Marloth Street Commercial Building is a multi-tier, 500m² development designed by well-known and renowned local architect Gerhard Jooste. The concept of the development is to create a “one stop development shop”, as the tenant mix is aimed specifically at house experienced and proven professionals of various development principles.

This space is occupied and used as the head office of GAP Development Planners.

Titian Wood Estate

Titian Wood Residential Estate is an exclusive, high-end townhouse complex, set on a 2500m² lot located on the South African North Coast, in Ballito. The development offers 4x 320 m² houses, designed and developed by local architectural firm, Charles Taylor Architects. To ensure the success of the development it was though crucial to effectively merge the large indigenous milkwood trees, creating a coastal forest feel without disturbing the unspoiled horizon and ocean views.

Titian Wood Estate is GAP Development Planners’ first cross-province project and has been put on hold due to a poorly performing economy and residential market.