Planning Services

Through the implementation of our progressive outlook and the ability to capture the imagination of our clients, we strive to unlock inherent development potential in a manner that promotes integrated and refined development solutions.

Town Planning Services

As planning and development specialists, our overarching services include:

  • Strategic Planning: Specialising in Master, Sector and Precinct planning.
  • Statutory Planning: Identifying and exploiting development potential, whilst coordinating & securing development opportunity and managing the various disciplines involved to realise the development outcome;
  • Specialising in Project Coordination, Management and Implementation; and
  • Leaders in establishing land reform solutions, by implementing alternative approaches such as urban agriculture, agricultural-villages and means of new ruralism.

GAP Development Planners offer quality, related services to all planning and development orientated disciplines that include, but is not limited to:

  • Design and Layout Plans for any orientated concept or development proposal;
  • Extension of Township Boundaries;
  • Formalisation of Existing Informal Settlements, optimising use of infrastructure and amenities;
  • Obtaining of Business Rights on Agricultural Land;
  • Removal of Restrictive Title Conditions, that restrict improvement and use of development land;
  • Rezoning Applications that ensure optimum use of property;
  • Subdivision of Agricultural Land Applications;
  • Subdivisions and Consolidations Applications; and
  • Township Establishment Applications.

Town Planning Feasibility Studies

GAP Development Planners specialise in Feasibility Studies

GAP undertakes feasibility studies for envisaged developments of any nature; be it residential, commercial, industrial or retail. The service provides detailed and accurate supply and demand factors which enable prudent and truthful findings. Feasibility studies conducted by GAP Development Planners foots for a competitive advantage in the development market.

GAP Development Planners offers efficient Project Management and Project Facilitation services

GAP Development Planners offer proven and effective project management and facilitation services for the conceptual and planning phases of development. The theoretical and practical knowledge the firm provides to the process, ensures successful implementation to the discipline and an outcome orientated service.